At Gemmy Zone, we are committed to providing high-quality gems to our valued customers both locally and internationally. We understand the importance of authenticity and value, which is why we offer comprehensive product certifications for all our gemstones. Our certifications are obtained from reputable local labs and can also be arranged from renowned international institutions, subject to certain conditions. Rest assured, our certifications ensure the genuineness and quality of our gemstones, giving you confidence in your purchase.

Local Lab Certifications:

FGL: Our gems can be certified by the esteemed FGL, a trusted local gemological laboratory known for its rigorous testing standards and accurate evaluations.
GIC: We offer gemstone certifications from GIC, a well-established local lab that specializes in identifying gemstones and assessing their quality with precision.
NGJA (National Gem and Jewellery Authority Lab): Our gemstones can be certified by the NGJ Lab, an authoritative institution that ensures transparency and reliability in gemstone evaluations.

International Lab Certifications:

Please note that for international lab certifications, certain conditions apply. Kindly contact our customer service for more information.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America): Under specific conditions, we can arrange certifications from GIA, the world’s foremost authority on gemology. GIA certifications are highly regarded and provide comprehensive details about the gem’s characteristics and quality.
GRS (GemResearch Swisslab): Subject to conditions, we can assist in obtaining certifications from GRS, a prestigious gemological laboratory known for its expertise in colored gemstones, particularly in the field of origin determination and color grading.
Lotus Gemology: Depending on the circumstances, we can facilitate certifications from Lotus Gemology, an esteemed international laboratory renowned for its detailed analysis and research in gemstones.
GIG (Gemological Institute of Geneva): Under specific conditions, we can arrange certifications from GIG, a reputable gemological institute recognized for its thorough examination of gemstone characteristics and quality.

At Gemmy Zone, we prioritize customer satisfaction and transparency. Our product certifications serve as a testament to the authenticity and quality of our gemstones, allowing you to make informed decisions and cherish your precious acquisitions for years to come.