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Gems of Sri Lanka

Gems of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a nickname, “the Island of Gems”, due to the rich, significant and long history of the gems of Sri Lanka. Since ancient times, the island has been well known for its world’s most beautiful and valuable gems, particularly blue sapphires. Gems in Sri Lanka and their role in the gem industry have been over 2000 years. According to Bible and some scholars, King Solomon brought gems from Sri Lanka.

When kings ruled the island, they had a passion for gems. They built numerous gem mines, and they had gem trade with other countries. Roman Empire and Persian Empire had gem trading connections with the island. During the British rule in Sri Lanka, they put more effort into gem resources and industry, which resulted in the Ceylon gems availability in England and other countries.

Today, Sri Lankan gem industry expanded and it is one of the world’s leading producers of gems. It resulted more mining, crafting and gem exports as well as employment to thousands of people. The gems of Sri Lanka are considered to be among the finest in the world due to their natural beauty, brilliance and intense colors.

Ceylon gems

Sri Lanka has a unique geology that has made it one of the world’s most important sources of gemstones. The geology has a complex network of high-pressure and high-temperature zones, which is perfect for the formation of precious stones. The most Sri Lanka’s gems are mined in the central and southern parts of the country. The most famous gem-producing district in Sri Lanka is Ratnapura. The Ratnapura is located in the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. Ratnapura is a local name and it literally means the “City of Gems” due to high volume of gems found in this area including variety of precious and semi-precious gems.

The gems of Sri Lanka are in high demand around the world due to their high quality and beauty. Sri Lanka mines produce a wide range of stones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, garnet, tourmaline, chrysoberyl, etc. The most valuable gemstones produced in Sri Lanka are the blue sapphires. The Sri Lankan gem market is one of the notable income sources, and it contributes to the economy of the nation. The gems are sold both domestically and internationally, especially to India, China, and the United States.

The Sri Lankan government takes a number of steps to support and promote the gem industry. It has established the National Gem & Jewelry Authority (NGJA), which is responsible for regulating the gem industry and ensuring by checking quality and supporting exports, providing training, and promoting among international buyers.


Sri Lanka gems win the hearts of people around the world. King Solomon would be the first well known person who admired on Sri Lankan gemstones. There are many examples indicate people love gems of Sri Lanka, and celebrities wearing and businessmen owning them. The late Princess Diana was a famous known fan of Sri Lankan gems, and she was often seen wearing blue sapphire. Actress Angelina Jolie is also known for wearing large Sri Lankan sapphire on a ring. Musician Lenny Kravitz has been seen wearing a Sri Lankan cat’s eye ring.

These some examples demonstrate the popularity of Sri Lankan gems among people. The gem of Sri Lanka is highly valued for its natural beauty and rarity whether it is a precious stone like sapphire or semi-precious gem like cat’s eye.

The gems of Sri Lanka are prized for their unique qualities and rarity. Sri Lanka’s gems continue to be highly sought after by gem enthusiasts, collectors, and celebrities around the world. There are everywhere in the world by decorating celebrities, adding treasures to businessmen/women and preserving in museums.

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