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Cobalt Spinel 1.37 ct – Stunning Blue Gemstone


Introducing the Cobalt Spinel, a remarkable gemstone weighing 1.37 ct. With its captivating blue color and impressive dimensions measuring 66 x 64 x 45 mm, this genuine gemstone is a true treasure for gemstone enthusiasts.

The Cobalt Spinel boasts a stunning blue hue that immediately grabs attention. Its color radiates a sense of elegance and charm, reminiscent of a serene blue ocean. This gemstone’s impressive size makes it a focal point that commands admiration and appreciation.

Perfect for creating unique and eye-catching jewelry pieces, the Cobalt Spinel adds a touch of allure and sophistication to any design. Whether set in a ring, pendant, or bracelet, its stunning blue color brings vibrancy and beauty to the forefront. The Cobalt Spinel is a gemstone that stands out with its exceptional size and mesmerizing blue hue.

As a genuine gemstone, the Cobalt Spinel represents the natural wonders of the Earth. Its striking blue color and impressive dimensions make it highly sought-after by collectors and gemstone enthusiasts. Owning this Cobalt Spinel gemstone is an opportunity to admire and cherish the unique beauty it possesses.

Embrace the captivating charm of the Cobalt Spinel, a gemstone that exudes beauty and sophistication. With its stunning blue color and impressive dimensions, it is an exceptional gemstone that will leave a lasting impression.

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