2.01 cts Padparadscha: Orange-Pink mixed Gemstone


Indulge in the enchanting beauty of our 2.01 carat Padparadscha gemstone. Padparadscha, derived from the Sinhalese word for “lotus blossom,” is renowned for its exquisite blend of orange and pink hues. This captivating gem captures the essence of a breathtaking sunrise, radiating warmth and elegance in every facet.

Each Padparadscha gemstone in our collection has been carefully selected for its exceptional color saturation and clarity. Our skilled lapidaries have meticulously cut and polished each gem to enhance its natural brilliance, allowing it to radiate with an irresistible sparkle.

With a carat weight of 2.01, this Padparadscha gemstone is of substantial size, making it a standout choice for any jewelry piece. Whether it takes center stage in a statement ring or adds a pop of color to a pendant or pair of earrings, this gemstone is sure to turn heads and invite compliments.

At Gemmy Zone, we understand the significance of quality craftsmanship, which is why we offer only the finest gemstones. Each Padparadscha gemstone is ethically sourced and undergoes rigorous inspections to ensure its authenticity and integrity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptional 2.01 carat Padparadscha gemstone. Embrace its captivating beauty and infuse your jewelry collection with a touch of elegance. Shop now and discover the extraordinary allure of our Padparadscha gemstone.

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