Sapphire Mixed Color Lot 18.80 ct | Assorted Gemstones


Introducing the Sapphire Mixed Color Lot, a captivating assortment of gemstones with a total weight of 18.80 ct. This lot includes 6 sapphires in an array of stunning colors, providing a diverse and vibrant addition to your gemstone collection.

Each sapphire in this mixed color lot possesses its own unique beauty and charm. The blue sapphire represents tranquility and elegance, while the white sapphire exudes purity and sophistication. The yellow sapphire brings warmth and joy, while the pink sapphire showcases femininity and grace. The green sapphire symbolizes nature and vitality, and the brown sapphire offers earthy tones and a touch of warmth.

This mixed color lot is a perfect choice for gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry designers who appreciate the versatility and variety that sapphires offer. Whether you wish to create a multicolored piece or use them individually in different designs, these sapphires provide endless possibilities for creative expression.

The gemstones in this lot have been carefully selected for their quality and natural beauty. As genuine sapphires, they exhibit excellent hardness and durability, making them suitable for everyday wear. Whether you are a collector or a jewelry enthusiast, this Sapphire Mixed Color Lot is a wonderful opportunity to own a range of sapphires in different colors, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of these gemstones in their various forms.

Expand your gemstone collection with the Sapphire Mixed Color Lot, where each gemstone tells its own unique color story. Experience the enchantment of sapphires in blue, white, yellow, pink, green, and brown, and explore the endless possibilities they offer for your creative pursuits.

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