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White sapphire 1.79 ct


Experience the timeless elegance of our 1.79-carat White Sapphire, a gemstone that radiates purity and sophistication. This exquisite sapphire, with its dazzling white brilliance, is a true marvel from the depths of the earth, certain to captivate gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry aficionados of all ages.

Sourced from the finest origins, this White Sapphire showcases a pristine white color that symbolizes purity and clarity. With a substantial 1.79-carat weight, it offers versatility for crafting stunning jewelry pieces, from delicate earrings to glamorous pendants.

Our White Sapphire, with its radiant white allure, is a natural masterpiece shaped by the Earth’s geological processes. When expertly set into a piece of jewelry, it exudes an air of refinement and grace, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty and significance of a White Sapphire.

For those seeking to adorn themselves with a symbol of purity and sophistication or looking for a meaningful gift, this gemstone is an ideal choice. Its straightforward charm and clarity make it suitable for anyone who desires the brilliance of a fine White Sapphire.

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